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Did someone say cleaning? No thanks because what is more important than external cleanliness is the cleanliness of the mind and I have just recently subscribed to a Zen magazine. No but millennial jokes aside, cleaning is a serious and important task but this time with keeping in mind the mother of all mothers, the mother earth.

Time has come to seriously think about our environment and the one simple way we can do that is by managing our choices in our day to day lives. What kind of products we use hugely determines the kind of impact we are making towards preserving and sustaining our environment.

Many companies have come up which cater towards providing eco-friendly products and in the long run these are the ones that will transform into the big names. One such company is The Mopping Duck :)

Although this is great news there is still a large chunk of people that are just unaware that they can switch to eco-friendly methods and products to complete their day to day tasks and with probably better results.

One such area where we can make a difference is cleaning. Cleaning since the invention of chemical soap has been majorly performed with the help of these chemicals. This industry has certainly evolved over time and now there are infinite options to choose from which cater to broad and very specific demands of the customer. While this sounds great, the chemical cleaning industry is very much responsible for the current climate change crisis that the world is experiencing. All that chemical waste seeps into our earth making the groundwater polluted or goes to the ocean making the water and its residents sick.

This is not cool. Not to worry anymore because it is very easy to switch to a much eco-friendly way of cleaning. And that is through the help of essential oils. That’s right. The very thing you use to put you in a luxurious sleep can make your floor spick and span. Well, sort of.

Here are some innovative suggestions and ways essential oils can be used in cleaning:

The ultimate mopping solution

Believe it or not, essential oils are versatile enough to work on almost any type of flooring including hardwood, tiles, linoleum, ceramic, and even laminate. Since spring is when all the critters wake up and sometimes make their way into our homes, peppermint oil will be your best friend in helping you ward off mice, ants, and any other insects. You could also use lemon essential oil if your aim is to disinfect. Add one cup vinegar with 15-20 drops of the essential oil in a bucket of water and get mopping.

The ultimate bathroom tile cleaner

Just combine baking soda and lemon essential oil in a container. Add a few tablespoons of water to form a paste. Apply this paste to the desired place using the brush. Do not forget the space between the tiles. Leave the paste applied for about 5 minutes. After that, again use the brush to scrub between the tiles. Use running water for rinsing away the paste.

Clean windows and windowsills

It is refreshing to open the windows to let the spring breeze into your home, but this can also bring your attention to how dirty and dusty they may be after a long winter. Mix one and a half cups of white vinegar with one cup and eight drops of your preferred citrus essential oil and put this mixture into a spray bottle. This fragrant and effective solution would be perfect for washing those dirty windows.

Spray for your closets

Spring has always been the time to go through your closets so you can toss the trash and stock up with your warm weather clothing. Combine pine essential oil with some water in a spray bottle. Since closets are one of those dark, crowded areas where the air gets stale and stinky, you can use this spray in the closet after emptying it out. This will leave an earthy aroma for your clothes and your closet.

Cleaning solution to wipe down door knobs, handles, buttons, and switches

It’s time to kill off any signs of cold and flu season for good by wiping down anything that’s regularly touched by multiple people with a mixture of water and bacteria-fighting essential oils. The Mopping Duck suggests putting 8 drops each of sandalwood and clove essential oils diluted with one cup of water will smell amazing and kill anything nasty that is lingering on stuff in your home.

Essential oils that have special cleaning talents:


Lemon’s acidic properties provide antibacterial and antifungal functions to a cleaning solution. It can help remove stains and harsh greasy patches.


This essential oil has a wonderful smell and acts as a mild pest repellent. It goes wonderfully well with lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus for cleaning purposes.


Pine is inexpensive and has a very earthy smell. It acts as a disinfectant and as a deodorizer.

Tea tree

Tea tree essential oil works amazingly well on mould and fungi, as well and foul smells.

Note from The Mopping Duck

These suggestions are tried and tested by The Mopping Duck. We take the environment seriously and the goal is to provide innovative eco-friendly cleaning solutions to our customers. Time has come to take the battle in our own hands and make a difference with our choices.

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