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Updated: May 10, 2021

We are surrounded by chemical ingredients in our daily life. They are essential to many of the products we are using in daily life. However, many of those ingredients are harmful to our family’s health. Good thing is that many of those products are replaceable with DIY products with similar or even better results. Let me share some house cleaning recipes, which you can use easily at your home to keep your house clean and safe from harmful chemicals.

Kitchen cleaner

Every kitchen is the stomach of the house. Keeping it clean and free from chemicals is very crucial.

1) 100 ML vinegar

2) 80 ML water

3) 8 drops of lemongrass essential oil

4) 6 drops of orange essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and pour in a glass bottle. Add essential oils in the end. Shake well before use. Best to use as a spray and clean with a cotton cloth.

All purpose cleaner

For an all purpose cleaner, you need a balanced pH cleaner with mild cleaning capacity. For this, we will use Castile soap and essential oils for good aroma. You can also skip oils if you don’t have it in stock, but a simple Castile soap is good for almost all surfaces.

1) 20 grams of Castile Soap

2) 100 ML of water

3) 10 Drops of essential oil of your choice.

Mix all ingredients in a bottle. If you are not using essential oils then you can use plastic bottles. Shake well before using.

Dishwasher powder

Cleaner for dishwashers often cost a lot. Making a DIY powder is both healthy and easy on your pocket. Using citric acid gives it extra power to clean those oily and dirty stains. Also, it gives it a nice citrus aroma.

1) 20 Grams of Citric Acid

2) 20 Grams of Washing Soda (Sodium carbonate)

3) 6 Grams of Baking Soda

4) 7 Grams of Salt

Mix all the powders together and use accordingly. You can reduce salt if you are using soft water. This is strong enough to clean oil stains.

Glass cleaner

This is a tricky one. Though, water and paper will serve this purpose, sometimes you need something strong to clean stains of the mirror or glasses. This recipe contains spirit, which is also an important ingredient in sanitizer.

1) 100 ML of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)

2) 100 ML of vinegar

3) 5 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bottle. Spray on the surface and clean with a cloth.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY recipes. Let us know in comments which type of cleaner you like the most, or any other recipe you wish to share here.

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